This service is intended to ensure that those responsible for large areas of carpet can maximise its life expectancy by correct management. The service has been found to be particularly useful by the hotel and cruise ship industries.

The service begins with a site visit where we undertake a thorough examination of current management techniques and review ways to reduce levels of maintenance without detriment to the appearance. We examine the suitability of equipment, the cleaning chemicals being used, cleaning frequencies and operator competence.

Within twenty-four hours of conducting the survey, we are ready to present a verbal report of our findings highlighting what remedial actions need to be taken. Once any laboratory studies (relating to the suitability of chemicals for example) are complete, a formal written report is prepared prior to implementation of our recommendations.

Typical implementation involves training with courses designed to be site specific, supported by training manuals developed for both management and operatives.

For further details about this programme contact Dr E M Brown at Cleaning Research International.